Mysteries of the LotusMaiden
- An Artist's View of the Enigmas of the World -

A collection of artworks and companion essays
examining the nature and philosophy of
Goddess Mythology in the Age of Science...

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- Mysteries of the LotusMaiden -

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This is an expanded and updated second edition of The LotusMaiden - an Artist's Search for the Secret of the Sky Goddess. I still have a few copies of that older version left, and if you're determined to own one, you can purchase it here. I hope to have actual books of this edition printed and available for purchase someday, but they are quite expensive to produce, and there is not currently much demand for them. If you'd like to put our name on a no-obligation-to-purchase list, you can contact me here:

For now, this low-resolution PDF will have to suffice. The file is not security protected, so if you prefer to read hard-copy, you are able to print one copy for personal use only.

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser